Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Myter box!

Mylee has always been close to the Spirit. I knew it when she was a baby. Every time I picked her up she radiated Heaven. I can't explain it, I just knew she was such a special little girl. Today I got asked if I would sub her primary class. It had been a super rough morning with Blake and his motility and sensory and I was actually thinking I wasn't going to go to church. Shaun was on call and already out in the field so I figured I could stay home and send the older girls with someone else to church. I wanted to go to church but I figured it would be more of a fight with Blake TO GO than to stay home. And then I got the message. After thinking for a min, I decided I could make it work. Blake and Payzlee could just come to class with me and it would all work out fine. Payzlee won't stay in nursery unless Shaun or I are in there. About an hour before we had to leave, Shaun comes home. We went to church AND I had help!!! SCORE!!! After Sacrament meeting, I pawned a very tired Payzlee off on Shaun and headed to primary with a cranky 3 year old. He was horrid. I lost my cool and left him with daddy as well. While I was sitting in primary, I decided to silently watch Mylee. The pianist was playing the song, Did You Think To Pray along with a few other primary songs. They told the kids to hum the song if they knew it instead of talking. Mylee sang the words. She was off key and slower than the tempo but the Spirit was SO STRONG with her singing. Mylee loves to sing, she always has! I love it. She has been criticized before by countless people but I have found that it is one of Mylee's greatest gifts. If you just sit and listen to her sing, you can feel the Spirit radiate off of her and, I, have been able to see a small glimpse into just how special of a spirit Mylee really is. Every time I sub for her class she gets super clingy. She doesn't like to participate and she hangs on me. I tried to show affection today even though it was hard with her hanging on me. I hugged her several times and encouraged her to participate. During singing time, I looked over and Mylee was singing each word to every song. She knows her primary songs and she LOVES primary. She has such an amazing teacher as well! Around the time that Mylee turned 3, when we would go to church, instead of singing the hymns, she would sing whatever song she could think of at that moment. I told her to sing the primary songs. I told her it didn't matter if it was the song we were singing as long as it was a primary song. I remember sitting in Sacrament meeting and singing a song and looking over at Mylee who would stand on the bench and sing I Am a Child of God as loud as she possibly could because it was the only primary song she knew all of the words to. My heart is full with Mylee in my life. She is so beautiful and so smart. She is funny and she teaches my heart to have patience. She also teaches me that it is ok to cry over the small and stupid stuff. My life would not be nearly as blessed and this wonderful had Mylee died when she was a baby. I am so grateful for this amazing girl. She is going to do great things in her life and she is going to bring many people to the gospel. She tries to share her testimony every chance she can with anyone willing to listen. She is such a great example to me!

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