Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tayla Renee'

I need to rave on this girl for a bit. A month or so ago, I was having a super rushed and emotional day. I had 3 dr appts at the hospital and all 4 kids and I was running late and NOTHING was going right. It actually may have been a Monday, I can't remember exactly. It felt like a Monday so does it really matter if it was or wasn't LOL! I went to one appt for Mylee and while I was in the appointment, Payzlee had a dirty diaper and they called me but my phone never rang. They needed me down there ASAP to change her but I couldn't leave. The nurse had just started skin prick testing on Mylee and we had to wait for 15 min. I wasn't concerned about Payzlee, she would be ok for the rest of the 10 min it would take to finish the testing. The problem was, they called twice without my phone ringing and they didn't leave a phone number. I had the nurse try and find the number and eventually she did. That being said I RUSHED out of the appointment without asking for all of the information I needed, and literally RAN across the hospital to the daycare to change Payzlee. The daycare is run by volunteers and closes from 12-1 so they can take lunch. The gal LOVES my kids so she didnt mind that I was almost 10 min late. oopps!! Our next appointment wasn't til 1 which was perfect timing for us to start lunch. Before we left for the day, I had asked Tayla to make some sandwiches for everyone. Food is expensive to buy and I just didn't feel like spending the money on some unnecessary. So Tayla had made everyone sandwhiches and packaged them up and put them in our big bag. I didn't look at them, she just told me what she had made. I decided to let everyone get a bag of chips and I was going to slowly suck down a big Dr. Pepper as I could already feel my head pounding and tears hitting my eyes. A Dr. Pepper was DEFINITELY going to cure this. (ha ha right?!) So we fought the insane crowd in the cafeteria, stood in line for what felt like FOREVER, and then FINALLY headed off to find a some what quiet place to eat. I found a few sofa chairs with a small round table in the center of them all. It was next to the windows and the sunshine was pouring in. I actually thought it was my tender mercy for the day. It was the PERFECT spot and only 2 people were within 20 feet of us. We walked over to the area, I sat my drink and our lunches on the table, and started to unpack Payzlee from the wagon. As I did, Blake, who had been jumping and bouncing and acting like a regular 3 year old who doesn't want to listen, hit the edge of the small round table and dumped the whole thing. My pop went everywhere. I ran to get napkins. I sopped up what I could and ran to get more. At this point, I was so frustrated with the day that I could feel the tears stinging my eyes, But I told myself to suck it up, that I could cry on the long drive home from the hospital. most of my beloved pop was on the floor. At this point I didn't feel much like eating, but I knew I hadn't eaten breakfast and the 3 hr long appointment I had next was VERY important and I needed to not be dizzy during it and I needed to be able to think clearly and be able to comprehend and filter through everything being said and asked of me. I grabbed my sandwich and opened it up only to find this.... At this point I lost it. I sobbed. I didn't know what to do but hug Tayla. She had written every single person a note saying the same thing but with their name in it. This spot wasn't my tender mercy TAYLA was my tender mercy. I don't know how she knew but she did. She knew I needed to read these sweet words and she knew that I needed to "feel" loved. She has such a tremendously big heart and she listens to the Spirit often. The rest of the day didn't go great, but I felt that peace in my heart and it felt easier as I walked in 10 min late to our appointment (the effects of me being late for the volunteers lunch and then needing to drop my kids off with them again for the next appt) Tayla has a heart of gold. She is much smarter for her age and she is way too mature for her age. She picks up on things so quickly. She asked if she could learn how to hook and unhook Blake and Payzlee's extensions on the gtube. She picked it up in ONE time. I tell all of my sitters to talk to her if they get stuck. I didn't teach her any of the troubleshooting stuff, she heard the alarm and decided to fix it herself. She is just like her daddy in that area. I can't begin to express how proud I am of her. Words will never fully explain just how proud of her I am and how much I love her. Today while sitting in primary, Tayla slipped me this note.

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