Sunday, April 26, 2015

Update on Miss P and Blakster too

So, a few days after I posted about surgery, one of our doctor's called to talk to me about Payzlee and the results of the lung cell test they had done during surgery. Payzlee's lungs showed influenza. Not the kind they would treat but it did show she was and had been sick. We knew that already but it sucks hearing why. Also, Payzlee was diagnosed with something called trachiomalacia. It's basically a floppy esophagus. So when we are first born, this is how our esophagus is. It's not hard like an adult. As your body grows, it gets hard and strengthens. When it's floppy, it tends to collapse and some what close off when you cough. When it is strong and hard, and you get sick, when you cough, it vibrates into your lungs and that is how you are able to cough up stuff out of your lungs. With Payzlee, her's collapses 50% of the way and does not create the vibrating therefore causing her to be sick for a long long time and to not be able to get any of that out of her lungs. It's super hard to watch Payzlee STILL be sick. In January she had croupe a week before her ng tube was placed. She has been sick continually since. It's frustrating and hard but it is what it is. Also, I don't remember if I posted the date before, but she has her brain MRI on May 7th. We will take all the thoughts and prayers we can get! Blake went in on Fri to have a gastric emptying scan done. They inserted formula and dye into his gtube to see how quickly it moves through in digestion. at least once a month, Blake stops being able to tolerate 90% of his day feeds and 100% of his night feeds. He throws up for a week straight and has no energy and is super cranky and testy. He is up most of the night throwing up and crying. It breaks my heart. We haven't gotten the results of this test. We will in the next few days though and I will update then. After they inserted the mixture into Blake's gtube, they took an xray of his belly and then every 15 min for an hour they took a picture of his belly again. Blake did AMAZING. He was so good and so calm and HAPPY! Here are some pictures of him during the scans.

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