Friday, January 1, 2010

My late Christmas Post

This year Christmas was AMAZING. We stayed home this year and decided to start our own traditions. We decided to do a BIG Christmas Eve dinner and a BIG FANCY Christmas morning breakfast. Growing up I always had a Christmas dinner (Turkey and the works) and Shaun's family always did a big Christmas Eve dinner with all of the extended family. We (and I really do mean we) made our 1st Turkey by ourselves. I mean we've always helped cooking the turkey but this year we were on our own and we enjoyed it sooooo much. We laughed and giggled as we stuffed the butt of the turkey. We cooked it in my Oven Roaster. I'm not a big turkey fan I don't really like it and I definitely don't eat left overs of it because it doesn't taste good to me. Well I cooked it in chicken broth and it was sooooo juicy and good! Shaun and I were eating it by the fist full as we were trying to get the potatoes mashed and the stuffing in the bowl and the gravy cooked! It was THE BEST turkey I have EVER HAD!!! I guess I'm the turkey maker from now on!! And I'm ok with that!!! So Christmas Eve we decided to make our dinner then we let the kids open up their Christmas Eve p.js. They had matching purple heart jammies and were soooo cute as they were posing for us! Then we went over to our friends' house and brought our pecan pie and ate it with them! That's right folks I made a pecan pie and it was AMAZING!!! Shaun's most favorite pie is pecan pie and I made him one this year. It was sooooo easy and simple and pretty darn cheap. For the stuff (including the nuts) that I didn't have in my cupboard I spent maybe 7 dollars if that. I was soooooooo proud of myself and how it tasted! My friend had gave the girls both a santa and Mylee was running around screaming "ANTA ANTA ANTA" She loves her Santa and has to sleep with him often at night! It's so cute! We came home, read the Night Before Christmas, and put the kids to bed. They sooo refused going to bed. Tayla left Cookies and milk for Santa and then Shaun and I stayed up for a while putting together Tayla's art table and putting presents under the tree. We had a BLAST with Christmas this year! On Christmas morning I made a Creme Brulee French Toast and it was really really good!!

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