Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tayla says the darndest things!

Tayla has been saying some pretty funny stuff lately. Yesterday she was in her rocking chair and she looked at me and said, "you know what momma? you are a HOTT MOMMA!!! She kept talking but reiterating how hott of a momma I was and that I was her favorite hott momma." Oh how my self esteem went up 150% even if it was from a 2year old!!! (I can still say 2 because she doesn't turn 3 for 2 more weeks!!!) Then today we were watching Sleeping Beauty. It showed one of the kings and she goes, "Oh no mom that king is wearing girl shoes!!!" She was so put out by it! The king started crying and she goes, "the king is so sad in his girl shoes!" Shaun said maybe it's because he's wearing girl shoes Tayla!!! Then the part where the fairies are sitting at Aurora's bedside crying because she was put into a deep sleep, Tayla goes, "Mom those witches are so sad their crying." she has never seen a witch and never asked about them but it was really funny to hear her talk about "those witches"!!! She also couldn't understand why they were crying when Aurora was just sleeping! This kid kills me. she's always coming up with something new to make me smile!


  1. How cute you hot mama! My favorite hot mama- i just love it- well you are so eat it up!! =)

  2. hahaha she does say some pretty funny stuff. shay is doing that too! it's so cute! I put him in the carseat the other day and the door squeaked and he said mommy you farted! and he wasn't laughing or asking. he was accusing me of farting!! what a little turd!!