Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's

When I think of New Years the only thing I can think of's to hoping May 1, 2010 doesn't bring any more lifechanging work accidents!!! Our family will NEVER forget 2009. Around Feb or Mar Shaun celebrated 1 year at his job. He was looking into getting a raise for becoming a class 2 driller. On May 1st I got a phone call from Shaun telling me he'd been hurt and he needed surgery. I didn't know how much that day was going to impact the rest of my life. Shaun just had his second surgery of the year and I an amazed at everything his body has been through and how he is still ok. I thank my Heavenly Father daily that my husband was safe and didn't die. I know some people think this accident wasn't him being safe but when you consider the fact that his arm was not ripped off and he did not die, yes this was a safe accident!!! 2009 was a year of challenges, trials, lots of tears, and tons more smiles, giggles, and laughs!!! Our girls are growing too fast. I blink and they're huge!!! Last night we went over to our friends' house where we played games, ate junk food, and laughed ALOT! It was tons of fun! We definitely need to do this more often. THANKS RUSSELL AND MINDY!!! So again I's to hoping May 1, 2010 comes and goes WITHOUT any life changing work accidents!

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  1. Sounds like you guys had quite a year and it sounds like you celebrated NYE just the way I like to. Our growing tradition is getting punching balloons for everyone and just going at it.

    This year, we also got these thick glow-sticks from the dollar store, turned out all the lights and the kids danced around in the kitchen to Abba was so fun!

    Happy NY and here's to a better 2010!