Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just some random butts

I caught Mylee trying to clean up our big mess after she got half naked!

And some pretty faces!

This is what happened when I asked Tayla and Mylee to hug so I could get a picture!


  1. love all the posts... you were a busy women. I need to learn canning from you!!!

  2. I think we should do a RS night on it. It's pretty easy. I'm teaching Mindy how to do it. The #1 rule of canning....pray before you start and listen to the spirit throughout the process and pray AS MANY times as you need to while you're doing it!!!

  3. Man... you have your hands so full with those two little ones. You've been a busy bee! Isn't it a good feeling after wards?

  4.! You are a saint! :)

  5. My Daughter had a Baby girl on Saturday,
    17th Sept. 2011. When she told me the Baby's name and what it means I was so happy that she chose a name that was not related in any way to any family members. She chose MYLEE. I love it.
    I looked on the internet to find other MYLEEs and came up with this. I hope our MYLEE grows up to be as beautiful as yours.
    From a very proud Grandpa.