Sunday, March 7, 2010


One week ago TODAY I planted my garden! I am not a green thumb person. Infact all of the house plants I had (3 to be exact) died at the end of fall. I decided this year I wanted to buy seeds and start them and plant a very good very big garden this year. I learned to can last summer and I have SO MANY plans for my friend Mindy and me with our gardens! Some of these plants are 5 in high! I can't believe it! I might have a green thumb yet. Ok it's yellowish but maybe by the end of summer it will be green! I am SO EXCITED for my garden this year. I'm trying new things (thanks to Mindy) that I didn't think I would want or like, like lettuce, and cucumbers and squash. Anyways, my plants are at the stage that they need to be going outside to soak up the rays. Can you believe it 7 days later and they need to be outside!!! On another note, these right below....I'm proud of them too! I love them to pieces! My Myles is learning soooo many new words. I can't believe that in Oct of 2009 she couldn't even say 1 word. Now she puts 2 and 3 words together (and they make sense major plus!) and has a vocabulary now of probably 30 words maybe more. In October she couldn't understand what we were saying to her. We all were frustrated not just her. She would pound her head against the floor out of frustration and she would scream constantly because she didn't know how to speak. I'm so grateful for a wonderful doctor who wouldn't let me quit going to the speech therapist when the one here in Burley didn't work out. I'm grateful for Heavenly Father for giving me the strength to go to Twin (45 min 1 way) every single week with 2 kids and a hurt hubby. I also grateful that our paychecks stretched further when they needed to seeings how gas is soooooo expensive. I'm also grateful for our car and the fact that it runs and has warranties.

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