Sunday, March 7, 2010

The art of canning with Mindy

One of the stores here had a REALLY AWESOME meat sale a week ago. I convinced my friend to go first thing in the morning (which was a good thing because by 10 Am most things were sold out) to go get a bunch of meat. I told her how easy it was to can and we needed to do it. We were debating about going later but I told her we needed to go before they opened! We were in the parking lot at 6:30am and shopping by 6:45 even though they didn't open til 7. WHOOP WHOOP score for us!!! I decided that since we had just gotten taxes back that I wanted to buy about a year's worth of meat, and I'm pretty sure I came close! I at least got enough to last until the next sale in October! I told Shaun that with the jam and corn I would be freezing that I wanted to buy a freezer. I found such a pretty freezer that I LOVE so much and FILLED IT!!!!

So after we bought our meat we spent 5 hours separating and wrapping and ziplocking and freezing all of our meat. By the time we were done we both felt like we needed to bathe in Bleach in order to remove all of the ICKness of raw meat!!! We didn't just freeze meat, we also canned it. My camera battery was dead so I didn't get a picture of all of the jars we canned seeings how we have used some of it!!! But I've been working on some today that are just chicken and I did take pics of those. The first pics is some of the meat and some of the prep stuff like bags and such. It was INSANE but I had a blast! Did you Mindy?!!!!

I LOVE my mom for giving me all of her canning stuff and I LOVE all of the opportunities I have had to learn to can. It's like Heavenly Father has been telling me that I needed to learn it and teach others. I have had so many jars given to me just because people didn't want them or my mom was done canning. I am so grateful for the start and the push and the passion I have gained learning how to can.


  1. Good for you, Cheree! That's awesome!! I really need to get organized and start my own food storage. Thanks for the inspiration!

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