Saturday, November 7, 2009

What the FLOUR

Yesterday Shaun walked into the kitchen to find this....

Shaun was FURIOUS....I didn't know whether to laugh or beat the poor kids! I really did want to do both and if I believed in beatings I would have done both. But since I don't believe in beatings, I had to do the next best thing...I took pictures and giggled while I put the kids in time out!!!!

So I put the girls in timeout and this is Tayla's poor sad face as she's standing in time-out.She was actually crying and trying not to laugh at the same time! That was a first! I tried to put Mylee in timeout at the same time and she took off running.

When I finally caught up to her I was able to take pictures of her covered in flour.

That's right....she was POSING. Stinkin kid. How can you not love them!!!


  1. I do have to say that I love the feel of flour. They are so cute... stinkin cute.

  2. hahah! This made me laugh so much. what cuties! I am sure not fun to clean up- but look at you cute mama taking pictures and handling it like a pro! =)

  3. that is hilarious!! i would have died laughing!! that's my one weakness, if the kids do something naughty like this, i can never punish them, in fact, i usually leave the room so they don't see me laughing!!

  4. I bet that was fun to clean up! What a mess! You have cute girls! I can send you the recipe for the scones...its my mom's recipe and its delicious! Email me:

    Hayley Trout

  5. Oh my! Looks like you all enjoyed yourselves...despite the mess! :)

  6. Ha...that last comment was from me...I didn't realize my husband had logged in! Peace!