Saturday, October 17, 2009

The LOVE of Fall

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch yesterday. They had sooooooo much fun! I love to see the look in their eyes and the giddiness when they see thousands and thousands (literally) of pumpkins. I told Tayla to pick whichever pumpkin she wanted that she could have anyone that she chose. She ran over to several and touched and ran to another. I told her big or little whatever you want! This is the pumpkin she chose!

I had to convince her that although she could get a small one she also should get a big one so that she could carve it! This is Mylee. She was sooooo out of it! I tried and tried to get her to wake up and she wouldn't. She fell asleep right before we pulled in and Shaun and I both needed our hands so I layed her in the wheelbarrow!

Man this kid can sleep ANYWHERE! We finally decided on our pumpkins. This place had the BIGGEST gourds I have ever seen before. They were way bigger then Mylee and I'm sure weighed double what Tayla weighs! The pics don't show nearly how big they were! We had tons of fun though! I love fall and pumpkins and the smell of it all! Oh how excited I am to bring up the memories of my childhood as I dress my children up and take them out Trick or Treating.

These are the reasons I LOVE this man!!!!
1. He's hott!
2. He's strong! look at how he lifts this pumpkin up on his shoulder even though his arm is hurt!
3. He's my best friend
4. He's hott!
5. He loves me and I love him!
I wish I could list ALL of the reasons why I love this amazing man but I don't think that I would have the time or the patience because it would take years to name ever reason! I love him that's what counts!

Mylee was obsessed with not having dirt on the pumpkins. You can see her dusting it off!!! And then she just wanted to play in the dirt and try and lift heavy pumpkins!!!!

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  1. I love the pumpkin patch. what cute pictures you got too!