Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun

So this year Shaun wanted to go as a hillbilly and he suggested I be his old lady!!! It was tons of fun going to DI to find the stuff for my costume. As luck would have it, Shaun had everything but a wig in his stash of stuff!!! We had a blast taking the kids to the trunk or treat at the church and then taking them to a couple of houses around our house! We went to probably 2 or 3 houses first then put the kids back in the car to go to the trunk or treat. Mylee had all of her candy ate before we got to the church. Then we left the church and by the time we got to the other houses and places we had to go, Mylee had attempted to eat the rest of her candy! When we got to our friend's house, she sampled every little bit of candy she could and dropped about 4 suckers!

Tayla as a unicorn.

Mylee as a teddy bear!
I am in LOVE with these two little girls! Let me just tell you how beautiful and wonderful they are. They make my day worthwhile and the fact that they say the darndest things is a plus! This morning Tayla told us that Mylee had little boobies! and when she told my mom this, my mom said no Mylee doesn't have boobies and Tayla said yes she does but they're little grandma. How funny is that! She also told me that she was going to fly to the Halloween party because she had wings but that Mylee would be stuck walking because she didn't have wings. Luckily for Mylee, Mommy carried her most of the way!!!

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