Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lipstick and my two year old

We have a saying in our home that matches Tayla to a T!!! It is: Lipstick fixes everything. This is not an exaggeration with her. If she's hurt, sad, upset in any way shape or form all you've got to do is pull out lipstick, chapstick, lip gloss, heck anything that goes on the lips!!! I'm pretty sure that her arm could be cut off and to get her to stop crying I would just have to pull out my lipstick! Either way, she's stinkin cute and it makes me laugh my butt off!!! I think that Mylee is starting to fall into the same pattern and it kinda scares me!!! Please note that in these pictures I did not put the lipstick on her that she did it all by herself! oh and this was the morning we went to get family pictures done. She saw me putting on my lipstick and went into the bathroom and put hers on so she could be "just like you mommy" it melted my heart!

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  1. She is seriously so cute!
    And thanks so much for your sweet comments lately. They mean a lot!