Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our crazy broken painful the hospital!

Alright, so Friday started out as a pretty good day. I got the girls breakfast and started packing more boxes. I was doing really good on time but was pretty tired from packing so I decided that if the girls settled down a little later I might take a little snooze. We had talked to Shaun a couple of times already that morning and he was doing good. He told me they were just headed out to deepen a well and wouldn't be too long that night. I made lunch around 11:30 or so. Tayla really really wanted to call Shaun so I tried a couple of times but he didn't answer. We said a prayer on our food and usually I ask that Shaun be safe at work and that he comes home safely. For some reason I forgot this time and ended the prayer right as I hear Tayla say a bless my daddy be safe at work, bless him come home safe bless my daddy. We ate lunch and headed to the bedroom for our nap. I had just gotten both girls to sleep and was dozing off myself when my cell phone rang. I broke the screen again so I couldn't tell who was calling. It wasn't Shaun's ring tone so I didn't expect it to be him. I answered and he told me that he was in the hospital and that he had broken his arm. He was really calm and acted like it wasn't anything. I figured they were just going to put a cast on him so I asked if he wanted me to come up there or if he just wanted to keep me posted. He said yeah come up. So I found a babysitter for Tayla and headed up. I was there by about 1:15 or so. Well x-rays showed that he had broken both bones on his right forearm and had broken the tip of his ring finger and cracked his shoulder. a mess right! Well they took him into surgery to put 2 plates, pins, and screws into his arm, and a pin in the end of his finger. They weren't sure what all was wrong with his shoulder but they knew it was cracked and the doctor said it would just be easier to do an MRI after the surgery on his arm was done. From the time they took Shaun to surgery to the time he was brought back up to the room it took about 4 gruling hours. What happened was that Shaun was putting a piece of metal casing in the hole when it caught his finger and started wrapping it around the machine. He ran around the machine and was able to get his hand free long enough to jump off the rig. His shoulder popped out of socket and when he jumped down it popped back in but he really hurt it. We are just blessed to have him here still. We've been told MANY times over the last 2 days how lucky he is to have his arm and fingers still intact. Usually when something like this happens you lose anything that gets caught. How blessed are we that the only stitches Shaun got were the ones from surgery. We were also told that this is rare and a big blessing. I love my husband so much and I couldn't imagine my life without him. I can't believe that I thought it was something so simple as a cast and almost didn't go down there! Here are some gross icky pictures but still kinda cool!!! They are of the pin sticking out of Shaun's finger! I told him he did this because he didn't want to have to move anything, he wanted to leave it for me!!!

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