Sunday, April 19, 2009

The death of my grandpa

yesterday I found out that my grandpa had passed away. It's been a struggle. Sometimes I think about how sureal it seems and how I don't know how I should feel. A couple of days after Mylee went into the NICU I found out that my grandpa had suffered a heart attack while on his way to UT and was admitted to the same hospital as Mylee. I thought in a way beyond the circumstances of us being there that it was a God send. I needed someone so bad during those days and although their days there weren't very long I was able to recieve the comfort and love I needed from family. I said my goodbyes to Frank because they didn't think he would make it and then all of a sudden he bounced back better than anyone could have imagined. I love my grandma so much and after he got to go home within a week they sold their house and moved in with family in California. this was hard but I knew they'd do ok there. well grandma went into an assisted living home and she isn't herself. some days she knows what's going on but most days she has no clue. I doubt she'll last much longer. Frank was all that was holding her together. She has had such bad health over the last couple of years and Frank hasn't had one thing wrong with him. I guess I should tell you that they aren't biologically my grandparents. Betty is my Uncle Ron's mom. Ron is my dad's half brother from my grandpa's marriage with Betty. My grandma disapeared out of our lives when I was 8 and these last 5 or 6 years or so have meant the most to me with them. They were the grandparents I never had and they found it just a high high compliment that I would call them my grandparents. I got a gift from them when I was pregnant with Tayla and they have never missed one of her birthdays. I'm really going to miss my grandpa and I hope my grandma joins him soon so her heart doesn't have to hurt they way ours do....

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