Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shaun's b-day and TONS of pictures!

Ok so here's another post with lots and lots of pictures! We went down to New Mexico to surprise my MIL Judy for her 50th birthday. We threw her and Shaun a combined birthday party. Shaun's birthday is May 12th but we figured it was close enough to celebrate! Everyone who wanted to pitched in and got shaun a BBQ and things to go with it. I went and picked it out and brought it home. Mylee was really fussing when we were there and so I gave her some cake!!! I got the funniest pictures in return! I don't think she's ever had cake before this day but she didn't even blink before she dug in and made the biggest mess in the world! I thought it was great but Shaun's sis was kinda peeved at the mess!!! Oh well the memories are the best! also I added a couple of pictures we got taken as a family while we were in NM and some pics of the girls playing outside a couple of weeks ago!

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