Saturday, October 17, 2015


It's been quite a while since I have written. Our summer was a struggle. We spent 2 weeks living in a hotel while waiting for a house. We finally got in to one and have somewhat settled down. Shaun has been working at a farm driving harvest for them. He gets about 1 maybe 2 days off a month. It has been so hard on the kids and me not seeing daddy. Payzlee and Blake especially have had a really hard time not seeing him. But we are grateful for a job! Payzlee has been able to start drinking liquids as long as she has thickened liquid so thats awesome! Today Shaun got the whole weekend off! He hasn't had a weekend off in a few months! I went to zumba this morning and then decided we needed to go hiking! So I called up my friend and we loaded the kids up and went to Devil's Backbone and went up key hole trail. I forget how hard it is to be "normal" and do normal family things. The trail wasnt super long. It was a bit challenging but mostly because there were rocks and uneven surfaces. Blake did pretty good half of the way up. He needed some breaks and was a bit tired. I carried him a little up to the top and we took some pictures! This one kills me! Blue turned as we went to take the picture so blake is hugging blues rearend! On the way back I carried blake 95% of the way. It was a mile or so long. It gave me time to think about how grateful I am that he tries. He has chronic fatigue yet he still pushed and tried and did awesome. It was challenging carrying 30 lbs down the trail but I am so grateful to be his mom! I wish things were different, that he could run and jump and play on trails like his friend was. I have to keep remembering this is our new normal. Our new normal will not ever be different, but I have to try...i have to try to do something normal sometimes, even if that means I will be carrying 30 lbs in my arms, on my back, and on my shoulders for an hour or two or three while he sleeps or is too tired to continue on. I feel so humbled by carrying him. It's what the Savior does for us when we stumble and fall and can't continue on. Its such a selfless act of love that may leave our neck and backs sore and hurting, but its done 100% out of love. href="" imageanchor="1" > On a side note....holy hotness ♡♡♡♡

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