Thursday, March 19, 2015

Making Bird Feeders (picture overload)

Shaun's parents have decided to do some activities, from a distance, with all of their grandkids. Our first activity was making bird feeders. We had to take pinecones, spread peanut butter all over them, and then roll them in bird seed. Here are a few pictures before we started! The kids thought this was SO FUN. Blake especially. He didn't understand that he needed to spread peanut butter around the whole entire pine cone. He thought he could put a huge huge glob of peanut butter in one spot and call it good!!! He LOVED rolling it into the seeds too. That was his FAVORITE part! Here's some pictures of the girls and Blake working on their feeders and then holding the done product up So then, because I am supposed to document with pictures, this whole thing, I thought I should let Payzlee have at it. I was scared, not gonna lie, peanut butter and bird seed. I could see the catastrophe in my head. So I snapped a few pictures super fast in between helping her. (Shaun conveniently got called out as we sat down to do this)So I help her spread the peanut butter. Then I helped her roll it in the bird seed. She wanted to play in it. And then it happened. As tried to get Payzlee to show me her feeder by holding it up. She looked at it, like SERIOUSLY looked at. And then as I snapped a few pictures she took a bite of it. Not just a kid bite but THE BIGGEST bite I have ever seen her take with anything ever. All I could do was laugh and snap pictures. I thought for sure she would spit it out since there was seeds on it but to my surprise she looked at me, chewed, and swallowed. She did it a second time too as I stood there amazed at what had just happened. Here's a few more of all the kids!

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