Thursday, February 26, 2015

On Sunday I took a few snap shots of my kids. DAMN!!! Shaun and I make beautiful children!!! Tubie pose!!! Tayla and Payzlee pretty much stay the same while Blake and Mylee have spunk and change their facial expressions and positions with each picture!!! I love taking pictures of my kids! You never get the same pose twice!!! At least you can tell they all love each other!!! Tayla is such an AMAZING big sister. She is such a great helper and so beautiful! I am lucky to be here mom! Then there's my Mylee. This kid cracks me up! She LOVES attention and posing!! She is such a good big sister as well. She has a heart bigger then her little body can handle!! This is my most favorite picture ever!!! Oh these girls LOL These two are BEST friends! Payzlee has this crazy cool connection with Blake. Right after Blake had his feeding tube placed he started getting granulation. Basically that is tissue that grows around and out from the gtube. It is VERY painful and bleeds a lot. He had a surgery 2 months after to correct this. I remember a few times Blake would scream and cry and cry from us cleaning and putting medicine on his granulation. Every day Payzlee would watch the fight and was always VERY concerned about Blake. She would run up and stand next to the couch and within seconds she would have tears falling from her eyes and she would sob uncontrollably. She was so worried and concerned about her Bubba and she hurt when he hurt. She still does it. When he is aching and hurting a lot she will cry with him and hug him. When she lays down for nap she rests her head on him. They have a connection that I will never get nor ever try to explain. I love it! I love them. The many faces of Blake HAHA!!!

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