Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy 3 yrs miracle baby!

Today I am humbled, grateful, and so darn excited that my miracle baby turned 3. Well technically she doesn't turn 3 for another 3 hrs and 15 min but still!!! She is such an amazing person. I was just thinking about how much more her birthday means to me. Mylee was born at 36 weeks at 5 lbs 6 oz and 17 3/4 in long. She was born at 11:19 p.m. after not even 4 hrs in the hospital. She was a blue smurf when she was born. She LOVED and LOVES to snuggle. She was my good nurser. I had the most amazing and positive experience with nursing with Mylee. When Mylee was 23 days old on Shaun and My's 3rd wedding anniversary she was admitted to the NICU at St. Lukes in Twin Falls. She weighed 4 lbs 7 oz at 3 weeks old and not one doctor in the NICU (there were 7) or nurse thought that she would live 24 hours. She was put in the NICU because the NICU is a sterile environment and they knew if they put her in the PICU she would catch something from another child and would die. She was so little.
This is Mylee at 1 day old with her sister!
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This is Mylee the day she was admitted into the NICU.

Mylee had a bladder infection that backed up to her kidneys. Her kidneys stopped working spreading ecoli through her blood stream and then spreading sepsis into her stomach. From there Mylee contracted spinal meningitis. Mylee was so sick. While in the NICU I had surgery to remove my gallbladder and lost my milk. I also worked extremely hard and got my milk back. Mylee loved having me in the hospital with her. I remember one time the nurse called me and said your daughter is being naughty and fussing for no reason come back and hold her!!! It was past holding time but that day I held her non stop for over 12 hrs!!! Mylee stopped her boobing as soon as I got there too!!! She just wanted mommy!!! Mylee had such a special relationship with her grandpa that passed and his wife until she passed last week. She knew them and talked to my grandpa's pictures every time we went to see grandma.

This is my four generation picture of my dad me my kids and my grandma.Mylee was so special to my grandma because she was the only great grandchild that she could hold. She would spend hours holding Mylee because Mylee was so tiny. I really believe that part of the reason she was born so small and stayed so small for so long was so that my grandma could have this opportunity. I also believe that she went through her NICU struggles so that she could bond with those beyond and those here on this Earth together. Mylee has taught me soooo many things. The one thing she continues to teach me OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER again is patience. I still haven't mastered it! In fact she just got spanked as I am writing this!!! She also just beat her sister over the head. Oh she's trying me :) (i put her to bed an hour ago)
No matter how much she tries me I still LOVE to see this!

I looked away for 2 seconds and she had grabbed frosting and was diggin in!!!

I'm soooo grateful that Mylee doesn't have any major side effects from being in the NICU. The doctor commented at one of her last visits that there is no way that he'd ever be able to tell she had meningitis if he didn't know her history. She's perfect and in some things a little above her age. She didn't speak until a year and a half old and that first word at 16 months made me cry.

this picture makes me laugh so hard. This is such a TYPICAL MYLEE photo. Infact this is how 90% of our photo shoots turn out!!! If you can believe it this was only 20 min after we started it and all but a few were pictures of me and my baby belly!!! It's typical Mylee.

This is another photo shoot with Mylee that she didn't want to participate in. One day she'll look back and laugh as much as I do at these pictures!!!
She's such a spit fire and she has energy coming out the wazuu. I have a hard time keeping up with her!!! So here's to you my amazing 3 yr old. Grow more, learn more, and keep loving us the way you do!! you make me smile and laugh every single day. There's not a day goes by that I don't almost cry because of you being you. Your favorite phrase is "I'n my own girl!!" and you haven't stopped telling us that you're the birthday girl not us!!! Our lives wouldn't be complete without you!!! So here's to me making it 1 more year learning patience!!!!

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  1. I just love her! So cute. I can't get over how small Tayla looks holding Mylee! It looks like a 9 month old- they were/are so little! Love your girls and love you!