Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wow it has been a summer!!

So I would post a TON more pictures but I don't have them. Here's the deal. Back in July we had a girl take some family pictures of us and she used my memory card. She pulled it out at the end to give to me and Shaun said oh wait take a picture of this...she put it back and in and my pictures had all been erased! Lucky me right! Well there were almost 700 pictures on there that couldn't be recovered (trust me I took them in and had them try). I had some of them on my computer but not many. Luckily the only pictures in the past year that hadn't been erased were those of Mylee's birth. About a week before this happened to my memory card, I had just gone and got around 60 photos developed for some pictures. For some reason the machine had ordered doubles and I told them I didn't want doubles just singles and to discard them. Well then my memory card went plewy and I got a call a couple of weeks later that I really needed to come and pick up my pictures from the photo lab. I was like what are they talking about!! they had kept the doubles and not thrown them away like I asked and I was really glad because a lot of the ones I had gotten before were cut down to fit frames! YAY and angel was hanging around walmart just for me!!! Ok so now that I'm done telling you why I have no pictures, I do have a couple and I will post them now!!!

So last night the girls and I had graham crackers with frosting in the middle. I apparently forgot to put the frosting away and this morning about 10 minutes after we woke up, I looked over to see Mylee shoveling fist fulls of frosting in her mouth! I was like Mylee no!!!! My poor couch! It's ok though she's so cute I couldn't stay mad at her long and the couch is very cleanable!

These are just some cute little pictures I took this morning! Surprisingly enough Tayla didn't want to be in the pictures this time, and the only picture she was in both her and Mylee smiled right before and right after the picture clicked! I hope to get some more pics up soon but enjoy!!!

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