Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mylee turns 1

So Mylee turned 1 on June 2nd. My heart stopped just remembering all of the struggles we've had with here in the past year. Mylee came 4 weeks early on June 2, 2008 at 11:19 p.m. That day had been such a long long day. I went in to my dr appt not expecting anything. I remember that I turned 36 weeks that day. My dr had been on vacation for a week week and a half or something and this was his first day back. I'd been on bedrest for 3 weeks? It was so emotionally hard but I made it through. Anyways so I went in nothing new was doing my stress tests, nothing felt different. felt a contraction here and there but still nothing new, that I thought until the nurse came in to check and me and asked if I could feel my contractions and how strong they were. I told her I felt 1 maybe 2 but they didn't hurt at all. Well about 15 min later they came in checked me I was at a 4 and 90% effaced. The dr told me go to L&D you're having a baby today. I freaked out WHAT? Shaun wasn't even there. I hurried and called him and he freaked out! Luckily he answered because he hasn't answered once that day! We went to L&D and well they set the IV monitored me, and sent me home 3 hours later because contractions weren't getting worse. I was at a 5 when I left and he said I'd be surprised if you didn't have her within 24 hours but in case you don't take your IV out at home after 24 hours. well by the time we got checked out and home I ATE and ATE and ATE because I was STARVING!!! By 7 I knew we needed to go back in. Well the rest is history! We loved our beautiful blue smurf! She was soooo blue but her scores were 9 and 10 so perfect! At 3 days old she went back into the hospital for jaundice. Stayed there just over 24 hours. On Shaun and my's 3 year anniversary, Mylee was admitted to the NICU in Twin Falls where she wasn't expected to make it through the next 24 hours. She not only did she make it through the NICU but she made it to her 1st b-day which no one thought would ever happen! Here she is walking, no teeth, smile as big as the world, and such a blessing in our lives. She loves to play with her big sister and although my mommy instincts kick in when the body slam each other, I can already tell how good of friends they are. We had a party for the girls and I took as many pics as I could until my camera died! Mylee thank you for staying in our lives. We love you and couldn't imagine a day without your laughter, funny faces, or the way you make us smile.

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