Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just getting started

Ok so here's the long awaited blog that I've been telling everyone I'm going to create. It's here yeay finally!!! So I guess I'll update on our fam. Mylee turns 9 months old tomorrow. I can't believe it's been 9 months since I've had her. She eats everything she can get her hands on and it drives me insane!!!! She's been crawling for a while, but lately instead of using her knees she crawls on her hands and feet with her butt in the air, much like a beetle. It's so funny to watch her. Tayla repeats everything we say right now! Sometimes it's funny sometimes it's not. She came up to me last week and said Mommy I can't say dammit it's a bad word. I don't want to say dammit because it's bad. I said yes hon it is so we shouldn't say it! Interestingly enough I was trying to not chuckle in front of her!! She knows it's a bad word and she doesn't say bad words I guess she just wanted me to know she knew it was bad!!! I just got back from my mom's house yesterday. I went down to go to the quarter sale at Other Mother's. Let me tell you what I banked in cute clothes for the girls. Shaun stayed at home and relaxed in the peace and quiet. Oh how envious I am of his days alone!!!


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I laughed when I read your blog! Braxton and Mylee must be on the same wave length..He has been crawling with his butt in the air too! Kiss those cute girls for me!

  2. I am glad you finally got blog! Now I can stock your life like you have been stocking me! JK! =) MIss ya girl!